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Objective: Fertility preferences and status are important parameters involved in reproductive health. Our study aimed to define some characteristics of the fertility preferences of women aged 15-49 in our region.


Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed in 2013-2015. The study population consisted of 627 married women aged 15-49 years living a city center. A questionnaire concerning socio-demographic characteristics, pregnancy and birth traits and fertility preferences was applied. The chi square, Whitney U, and Spearman correlation tests were used in statistical analyses through SPSS 20.00 (IBM, Armonk, NY, 2012) program. Statistical significance was regarded as p <0.05.


Results: The mean age of the women participating in the survey was 33.03 ± 7.1. Median age at marriage was 20, mean age at first pregnancy was 21, and mean number of pregnancies was 3.07, with 14.6% having had more than five pregnancies and 34.6% having experienced previous miscarriages. The mean number of live births was 2.2, and 21.5% of women had waited 24 months between pregnancies. Additionally, 77.7%  reported using family planning of any kind, with 62.1% using the modern method. Women's ages at first marriage varied significantly depending on education (p <0.001) and working status (p <0.001), while ages at first pregnancy varied significantly depending on education status (p <0.001). Total numbers of pregnancies varied significantly depending on level of education, working status and family income (p <0.001). Times between two pregnancies among women with histories of more than two pregnancies differed significantly depending on education status (p <0.05).


Conclusion: The most important factors in women's fertility preferences are education, work and income. Increasing women’s education levels can lead to safe and healthy pregnancies and births.

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