The Eurasian Journal of Medicine
Case Report

A Rare Presentation of an Entrapment in a Liver Transplant Candidate Depicted by MDCT Angiography

Eurasian J Med 2010; 42: 95-97
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Hypertrophic caudate lobe veins can mimic a normal venous configuration. In cases of multiple vascular collaterals, Doppler evaluations must be conducted, and the flow direction of these veins as well as the IVC should be evaluated. If the flow in the IVC is reversed, Budd-Chiari syndrome should be suspected; moreover, at the supra diaphragmatic level, which may be considered a blind spot, particularly for radiologists, a web should be searched for in the area where the IVC opens into the right atrium. In this study, we present the unique findings of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) angiography for a liver transplant candidate with Budd-Chiari syndrome caused by a web in the proximal IVC.

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