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Eurasian J Med 2005; 37: 15-17
Keywords : Otomycosis
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Otomycosis is a superficial fungal infection of the external ear. The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between the presence of fungi and clinical symptoms of otomycosis and to determine the most common agents in mycotic external otitis. Between December 2004 and November 2005 external ear specimens from 80 patients with clinical otomycosis were examined in relation mycotic agents. Samples obtained from the patients were examined by culturing on Sabouraud dextrose agar with antibiotic and without antibiotic. Fungal isolates were identified on the basis of colonial morphology and lactophenol cotton blue microscopy as standard methods. The Candida species were identified using the germ-tube test and micromorphology observations of colonies on cornmeal agar. Of the tested specimens %51.7 (n:45 cases) were positive in culture, and in 4 cases (%4.6) it was found mixed isolates The fungi isolated from cases of otomycosis were determined as A. fumigatus 16 (%18.4), Candida spp 14 (%16.0), A. niger 9 (%10.4), Penicillium spp 5 (%5.8) and Mucor 1 (%1.2). In conclusion Aspergillus species were the most frequently isolated fungi in otomycosis, in our region.

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