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Splenic Hydatid Cyst: Clinical Study

Eurasian J Med 2007; 39: 25-27
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Objective: Although hydatid cyst which is one of the endemic parasitic infections in Turkey is frequently detected in the liver, it may also be found in spleen. In this paper, we evaluated the treatment procedures and outcome in the patients with hydatid cyst of the spleen.


Materials and Methods: During the last 10 years, the patients with hydatid cyst of the spleen were retrospectively reviewed. Data collection included demographic features, radiological findings, treatment procedures and outcome.

Results: There were 12 patients (7 male and 5 female patients) and only three of them were detected isolated hydatid cyst in the spleen. Six of these patients were observed with multiple cysts in both liver and spleen. All patients were performed splenectomy and nine underwent additional surgical procedures. One patient developed respiratory failure and two patients had fever in the postoperative period. The hospital mortality was nil.

Conclusion: As a result, splenic hydatid cyst should be considered in differential diagnosis of the cystic lesions of the spleen and the optimal treatment procedure should be splenectomy.

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