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Eurasian J Med 2000; 32: 63-65
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Gastric carcinoma which is the second common cancer on the world has geographically a very different distribution world wide. Also, gastric carcinoma incidence is differently seen among area in our country. In our study, we retrospectivelly examined 805 patients with gastric cancer who were diagnosed by histopathologic examine and found at 12840 upper gastrointestinal endoscopic (UGIE) examine performed in Gastroenterology Department between 1992-1999 years. The ratio of gastric cancer in all UGIE in past eight years was 6.3 %.Of the patients with gastric cancer, 578 (72 %) was male and 227 (28 %) was female (the ratio of male / female = 2.5/I). Their ages were similar. The lesions in stomach were in antrum in 419 cases (52 %), in corpus, fundus and cardia in 386 patients (48 %). The types of tumor were macroscopically vegetan in 5I7 cases (64.2 %), ulcerous in 260 patients (32.3 %) and infiltrative in 28 patients (3.5 %). 91 percent of gastric cancers was histopathologically adenocarcinoma. The approximately half (53 %) of patients with gastric cancer had applied within the fırst three months when the patients were symptomatic. When it was diagnosed, approximatelly two third of patients were inoperabl stage.

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